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Some hundred odd days you’ve had to look in the mirror?
So what will you look like in the aftermath?
You only have a choice of two!
The easy way?
Be the victim.
The tough way?
Adapt and utilize new opportunities.
COVID 19 has fast tracked the fourth industrial revolution.
The new normal, the normal new, nothing will ever be the normal as you’ve known it.
You have to reboot yourself and your approach to life on all levels.
Only the opportunists will survive!
Thinking outside the box is no longer relevant.
You have to reinvent your own box!

Just have a look what Chris Dee had to say about their American based online auction platform Auction Mobility during the epidemic.
“In the current world climate, we wanted to provide a quick summary of our portfolio’s online sales performance for the period of March-Mid May 2020.  
First, our customers experienced a 423% performance against the high catalog sum estimate.  Meaning, the lots sold for over 4-times the expected high estimates provided by our customers.  
Next, our platform accounted for 58% of the amount sold. 
Last, we are seeing over 10 times the amount of online bidder traffic than we experienced in the Dec ’19 through February 2020 timeframe.  It appears that buyers still want to buy and are engaging the auction house digitally.
We understand that there are country by country regulations that may have ceased all auction events whether live or online.  However, we wanted to provide you these statistics to reassure you that your digital business will thrive with the proper catalog, marketing, and online commerce platform. 

Do not be paralyzed by analysis and speculation regarding online bidder participation and online-only sales formats of live or timed.  The auction industry is proving to be very resilient and active in these times.”

While e-commerce is a new trend to the South African business market, it is growing rapidly at a rate of 26% since 2015. As more and more people gain access to the internet and mobile devices, an increasing number of consumers is expected to start shopping online: there are currently more than 18 million e-commerce users in South Africa, with an additional 6 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021. These future 24 million e-commerce users might spend an average of R 3118.50 online. Currently, the total South African e-commerce revenue across all product categories is R44.38billion.Electronics and media are currently the leading product categories bought online in South Africa, accounting for 35.9% of the market share, followed by furniture and appliances (which generate 20% of the total revenues). In South Africa, 60% of online shoppers buy via desktop, and 55% and 38% often shop via mobile and tablet respectively

The honest truth be said, the future isn’t what it used to be, but certainly better times ahead for the e-commerce auction space!

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”
-John Maxwell

Till next time.

No matter how one looks at the scenario facing South Africa, what we know is that the post Covid-19 world will look very different. 

Every economy in the world is being hammered and there are no clear winners yet. One thing for sure though is that the South Africa fundamentals will be exponentially worse than our trading partners afterwards. 

With April or quarter two well underway, be sure that the first quarter of  2020 will go down in history as the worst so far for the South African Rand having lost more than 22 percent of its value in the period and in the last few weeks even further declines.

What about the Auctioning sector?
The Good News?
Global Online Auctions grew by a staggering 63 % last month alone!

Global online auction market = Ease of bidding.

Online auction provides bidders with flexibility in terms of time and place. One can easily login to the site and participate in the auction, which helps the user save both time and money. Online auctions run-over a fixed period and normally take a few days for marketing and viewings. They do not require the physical presence of the bidders as the process is carried out online. Companies upload images and videos of their stock and products on their websites. This helps bidders to compare prices and the quality of the product before participating in the bidding process. Moreover, the process eliminates the profit made by the agents, brokers, or middlemen, thereby making the bidding process cost-efficient thereby driving the growth of the global online auction market.
According to a senior analyst at Technavio for research, “With online auctions providing the bidder with more financial security, several buyers are inspired to invest more than they were investing previously, thereby boosting the overall growth of the online auction industry

If you want to stay ahead of the pack in the new contactless economy
and stay ahead of the changing world you’re facing you need to contact us today!

Till next time

Beyond coronavirus: The path to the next normal’

What will it take to navigate this crisis, now that our traditional metrics and assumptions have been rendered irrelevant? More simply put, it’s our turn to answer a question that many of us once asked of our grandparents: What did you do during the war?

So no matter what your opinion of the merit of this virus and its threat to society, there’s no denying that it is creating a multiplier effect on what was already a trend towards online buying behaviour vs. offline. There was no doubt that our newer generations were already living predominantly digital lifestyles…opting for their devices vs. real world buying and decision making behaviour. But this current outbreak is going to take it to a whole other level forcing people of all ages to rethink how they live their lives and how they buy. If you own a business or influence one, now is the time to really think hard about how your business is investing in its online strategies and whether you’re prepared to cater to this new world


Christie’s has closed its offices in Brussels, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Houston, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Monaco, Moscow, Munich, New York, Rome, San Francisco, Santiago, São Paulo, Stuttgart, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vienna, and Zurich. It will continue running with a reduced staff in Amsterdam, Geneva, and Paris and London. Not dissimilar to most businesses, the auctioneering business in South Africa is on the threshold of a facelift like no other experienced for many a decades. Now is the time to re-think how your business can evolve to ensure it survives this changing dynamic. Changes like we’re experiencing can be frightening but along with the challenges comes a lot of opportunity! Services and remote focused technology offerings are going to explode in growth as more and more people choose to shop and make their buying decisions from the comfort and safety of their own homes

The management of Bid2gro have stated that although they started off on a slightly rocky path late last year “we are ideally positioned to accommodate many small and large businesses or individuals to face the new normality of business in the wake of the covert19 epidemic” They went on to say “ we are a fresh, flexible all new auction experience in South Africa, offering you the safest live online auctioneering imaginable, supported by our payment partners TRADESAFE.” “We are ranked to cater for ever genre of auctions from loose tools, electronics, antiques, furniture and appliances, fixed assets to live stock and farming equipment.” “We are currently working with some of the most experienced reputable auctioneers and cyber experts in SA, so look out for some even more exciting developments to be announced soon! “ The comeback is always greater than the setback.

Remember, no one is going to come knocking at your door and force you to be successful, you have to go out there and fight for it!

Contact us now! Till next time,


Living in this modern era of technology could be excruciating but prevailing in this time and era in South Africa could be viewed as eternal damnation.  The law of the jungle persists, and  if you don’t get off the beaten track you are bound to become another statistic. Staying the hell away from politics, the unemployment stats don’t paint a pretty picture!


Lets just cut through the crap! If you’re not going to take charge of your own destiny, the government sure as shit ain’t  either, and the situation is going to get a lot more gut-churning before recuperating, if ever!

Lets just concede, we are a junk republic and we need to deal with it! No matter whether corporate has you bent over a barrel, you unemployed or a pensioner.  If you’re a Banana republican you have KAK!

You just gotta hang onto what you have and supplement your shortfall with additional sources of income, like the Americans have done for centuries.

The second hand market , more specifically the online second hand trading market is one of the few sectors that has shown significant growth over the last few years. 

Second-hand, pre-owned, used, resale – the sector has many names but, however you label it, is massive. Analysts are calling out second-hand buying as one of the biggest retail trends of the next decade but, locally, there’s little attention paid to this under-the-radar economic phenomenon.

In South Africa most embryonic of all  being the online auction market, mostly due to the safety disposition linked to the payment aspect. But more detail on a South African first cutting- edge new development to
follow in further blog content. 
(Please ensure you hit the “ count me in” button below so you don’t miss out! )

So exactly how big is this market we’re talking about?

Claire Cobbledick, Gumtree SA director was quoted saying  One survey indicated that it could be worth more than R1-trillion in terms of available stock i.e. items in SA households that are not being used and the owners would happily sell. It’s also worth noting the extraordinary volumes on online classifieds websites. “One way of measuring the growth of the sector is to compare the old school with the new one. “Thirty years ago, newspapers in South Africa would have carried approximately 150,000 classified ads (for goods and services) between them every day. “In 2019, Gumtree alone has close to a million listings.” “So, we already have a booming resale economy which is set to see rocketing growth in the next five years, thanks to a perfect storm of imperatives,” SA director, Claire Cobbledick goes on to say., listing the following:

“We hear a lot about retail statistics, trading volumes and a constant barrage of other data that reflects the ‘new product’ economy, but there’s a massive amount of money moving around the country for second-hand goods with all kinds of unreported implications. “In many instances, this traffic displaces retail sales. “The money that some retailers are losing is not vanishing from the economy, it’s simply being spent in other ways in a smart search for value by consumers in the tough economic climate.”

 Probably most importantly, the online space is the protagonist of a new economy in which anyone can become a retailer on their own terms. This phenomenon is in line with global trends and it could play a huge part in alleviating South Africa’s massive unemployment problem. One estimate is that by 2025, what’s called the ingenuity or DIY economy – which includes online auction sites, buying and selling for profit and modest entrepreneurial ventures could employ two-thirds of the population, and the online space provides instant, accessible and free promotional platforms, such as the one you’re currently on, for such enterprises.

We have established this diary blog for auctioneers, antique dealers, second hand traders and any other like minded South Africans to share ideas, opportunities and events.

Follow the auction trail that will lead you to the golden thread to unravel this multi billion rand industry.

Be sure you are counted in below!

Till next time!           

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Welcome to Bid2gro blog. We have established this blog for all people who have a interest in auctions, auctioneering in general as well as people interested in the second hand goods market, including but not restricted to Antique dealers, collectors, auctioneers, second hand goods traders and farmers. “ Nothing like the vibe of a traditional community auction” One of my fondest memories of growing up in a rural town of the Free- State is my school holiday work at a local auctioneer in the town. I still recall the sound, the smell and the vibe of the adrenaline filled air as the community flocked together for their weekly highlight. A auction isn’t simply trading, its a way of life. Auctioneering has a long history, having been recorded as early as 500 B.C. According to Herodotus, in Babylon auctions of women for marriage were held annually. The auctions began with the woman considered to be the most beautiful and progressed to the least. It was considered illegal to allow a daughter to be sold outside of the auction environment. Moving on more than 2500 years later and facing the 4th Industrial revolution. Bid2gro is a brand new online auction site. Boasting with a first ever SA escrow payment platform, Tadesafe, which we will discuss in further blog posts. Our aim with this blog is to gather likeminded people to share and learn about auction related matters, both online and live traditional auctions. We will partner up with a broad spectrum of auctioneers countrywide to share and enhance our blog. We will also share a live calander of daily, weekly and monthly auctions nation wide. So let us count you in, its free! Send us a mail with your auction related event including date, time, venue and a short description and we will post it on our diary wall for all to see! Till next time

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